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Three Ordinary Funerals.
Home for the Virtual Afterlife. Installation for the Seoul International Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. 2017.

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Don't let me be Lonely.
Weekend home for the body conscious. 2020.

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Going Fluid.
Installation for the Third Istanbul Biennale. 2016.

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Closer Each Day.
the architecture of everyday death, princeton. 2016.

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Refresh, Renew.
Catafalque for the digital age, project for the Spanish academy. san pietro in montorio, rome. 2019.

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Cozy Crusade.
Installation for the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), Seoul. 2019.

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Director: Igor Bragado

Director: Miles gertler


Founded by Igor Bragado and Miles Gertler at Princeton University in 2015, Common Accounts is a design practice which operates between Madrid, Toronto, and Seoul. Their work "Three Ordinary Funerals: Home for the Virtual Afterlife" was exhibited at the 2017 Seoul International Biennale on Architecture and Urbanism and "Going Fluid: The Cosmetic Protocols of Gangnam" at the Third Istanbul Design Biennial in 2016. Bragado and Gertler have lectured in Beijing, Toronto, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, Ithaca and New York, and recent work has appeared at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles, in Uncube Magazine, Frame Magazine, Artsy, and Dezeen. They have taught at Cornell University , University of Toronto , University of Waterloo and The Cooper Union , Their work has been acquired by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea. Gertler has mounted three solo shows of visual art with Toronto's Corkin Gallery and was awarded the Henry Adams AIA Certificate at Princeton University. Bragado was awarded the 2019 Spanish Rome Prize and the 2017 writing prize by the Design History Society.


Common Accounts is a conceptual design office which channels broad cultural, technological, and historiographic material that passes under the radar of the global design discourse into radical architectural propositions in construction and academia. Each of our projects emerges from a reorganization and re-concentration of the techno-political situations uncovered in our research. Today, design must confront new territory. Communication and technology are shaping cities just as buildings are, both in virtual and real domains.


Recent commissions of Common Accounts have included the design of a retail space in Shanghai for LVMH, a permanent acquisition by the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of South Korea, a construction of a single family lakeside house in Canada, a prototypical domestic space for the virtual afterlife built for the Seoul International Biennale of Architecture, and an installation and research on the urbanism of medical tourism for the Istanbul Design Biennial. If you are interested in working or collaborating with us, or to request a portfolio please, e-mail us to


Igor Bragado and Miles Gertler

Yena Ku (Project Manager)
Hallie Black (Architect)

Past Collaborators
Jihoi Lee (Curator)
Jong Wook Choi (Filmmaker)
Dasol Han (Performer)
Nowk Choe (Architect)
Soo Yon Suh (Performer)
Carol Kaifosh (Architect)
Jieun Doe (Forensics)
Kate Chiu (Architect)
Jacob Comerci (Architect)
Francois Sabourin (Architect)


January 2019 (Prize) Igor Bragado awarded the Rome Prize from the Spanish Academy of Rome. (go to link)

December 2018 (Exhibition) Common Accounts contributes with a series of pieces for the A+D Museum'Store as part of their "Impermanent Collection". (go to link)

December 2018 (Exhibition) Miles Gertler presents recent work at Art Toronto. (go to link)

December 2018 (Symposium) "Thesis Now" Symposium will address the agency, relevance, and history of the thesis studio in architecture curricula. The event features three sessions moderated by Eva Franch i Gilabert, Nader Tehrani and Hayley Eber. Organized by Igor Bragado and Michael Young, The Cooper Union, New York. (go to link)

November 2018 (Lecture) Common Accounts talks at Dubai's Alserkal Avenue, organized by Ali Karimi and Hamed Bukhamseen. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (go to link)

November 2018 (Lecture) Common Accounts speaks at the invitation of Spain GSD, delivering the performance-lecture "MAX OUT" on recent research on the design of the body as an anthropocenic endeavor. Boston. (go to link)

July 2018 (exhibition) Documentos (Por Venir) Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo / Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, Madrid, Spain (go to link)

May 2018 (exhibition) "The Port and the Fall of Icarus." Miles Gertler exhibited in extended program of Work, Body, Leisure, the Dutch National Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale (go to link)

May 2018 (lecture) Common Accounts at "Digesting Materiality: A Disorderly Colloquium," Princeton University School of Architecture (go to link)

February 2018 (aqcuisition) “Three Ordinary Funerals” gets acquired for the Permanent Collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art of South Korea. (go to link)

February 2018 (LECTURE) "Dead Bodies in the Living Room," Cornell University AAP, Ithaca, New York. (go to link)

November 2017 (exhibition) "Going Fluid: The Cosmetic Protocols of Gangnam." Re-staging of Are We Human? Curated by Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley Princeton University School of Architecture (go to link)

October 2017 (LECTURE) "Ritualistic Protocols for Online Urbanism" in "Superhumanity: Post-Labor, Psychopathology, Plasticity Symposium," National Museum of Contemporary Art of South Korea. (go to link)

October 2017 (prize) Canada Council for the Arts Travel Grant, Ottawa, Canada. (go to link)

October 2017 (exhibition) "Instant Double." Miles Gertler solo exhibition courtesy Corkin Gallery Art Toronto (go to link)

October 2017 (prize) Common Accounts awarded the Suzanne Kolarik Underwood Prize, Princeton University. (go to link)

October 2017 (lecture) "Gangnam, Muscle, and Death: Ritualistic Protocols for Online Urbanism." Superhumanity: Post-Labor, Psychopathology, Plasticity International Symposium Organized by e-flux architecture and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea (go to link)

October 2017 (lecture) "Common Accounts: Remote Operations." Visual Communication M.Arch Course, Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto (go to link)

September 2017 (prize) Design History Writing Prize 2017 awarded to Igor Bragado, Design History Society, London, England. (go to link)

August 2017 (EXHIBITION) "Three Ordinary Funerals" at the Seoul International Biennale on Architecture and Urbanism. (go to link)

June 2017 (exhibition) Architecture, Architectural, & Architecture Art + Design Museum Los Angeles (go to link)

May 2017 (exhibition) Rare Item Miles Gertler solo exhibition Corkin Gallery (go to link)

January 2017 (lecture) "Closer Each Day: The Architecture of Everyday Death." Columbia GSAPP Goberna Studio, New York (go to link)

October 2016 (lecture) "Going Fluid." Soho House Istanbul, Turkey (go to link)

October 2016 (exhibition) "Going Fluid: The Cosmetic Protocols of Gangnam." 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial: Are We Human? Curated by Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley Greek Galata School (go to link)

June 2016 (prize) Miles Gertler awarded the Henry Adams A.I.A. Certificate, Princeton University. (go to link)

June 2016 (prize) Common Accounts awarded the Paul Katz Fellowship Honourable Mention, KPF Foundation, New York. (go to link)

June 2016 (lecture) "Closer Each Day: The Architecture of Everyday Death." Group Chat Four, Toronto (go to link)


May, 2018 "Construction of the Climate and the overhead gaze in the Brazilian Amazonia" Igor Bragado and Rennie Jones with response by Spyros Papapetros, Pidgin Magazine (go to link)

February, 2018 "Going Fluid," e-Flux, Architecture Journal (go to link)

2018 Superhumanity: Post Labor, Psychopathology, Plasticity MMCA, Actar Publishers (go to link)

2017, Superhumanity: Design of the Self Edited by Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley and e-flux architecture University of Minnesota Press (go to amazon)

2017, Imminent Commons: The Expanded City Edited by Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Jeffrey S. Anderson Actar Publishers (go to link)

2017, Playback Forever: An Account of the Body-Conscious City Room One Thousand, UC Berkeley (go to link)

2017, "The Watergate Scandal as an Architectural Event" Igor Bragado for El Pais, Babelia (go to link)

2017, Notes for the Definition of Urbanism in the Anthropocene Igor Bragado and Rennie Jones for Archdaily (go to link)

2017, Out of the Bush Garden: Contemporary Artists from Central-Eastern Canada Miles Gertler Edited by Francesca Valente Imago Mundi, Fabrica (go to link)

2016, Bracket 3.0: At Extremes Liquid Highways (Miles Gertler and Karan Manchanda) Edited by Lola Sheppard, Maya Przybylski Actar Publishers (go to link)

2015, "To the Internet, Your Body" Pidgin Magazine 20: Ageism Princeton University School of Architecture (go to link)
"Death is a plastic force. Operating through communication channels and grounded in a culture of image sharing, domestic spin-off technologies in which death is embedded have engendered a new human body: one that contains within itself ceremonies for the deceased and counterpart sites for a new type of cemetery. These memorials are embedded in modifications of the body itself as auto-performative ritual. In a reflexive mode, this instrumentalization of death and its memorial-body shapes and is shaped by architectural contexts of domesticity, introducing..."

(Read here the full article "Going Fluid" Published in e-flux journal)
"The colonial settlement of South America’s Amazonia was more than a quest for domination of land and its resources. It reconfigured the relationship between the human and the environment, presenting this relationship as one of controlled dominion over wild Amazonian expanse. In the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, this conflict continues as the cerrado, figured as a wild and barren resource to be tamed and utilized, is incorporated..."

(Read here the full article "Construction of the Climate and the Overhead Gaze" Published in Pidgin)
"The last half-century of architectural discourse too, has contributed to the distancing of death from the urban, elaborating the metaphysical poetics of death as an island, apart from the everyday. In contrast to the post-modern, Sigfried Giedion’s chapter on death in Mechanization Takes Command might be the first architectural account of the techno-social implications of the development of industries around death. He is arguably the first architectural historian to acknowledge the role of death industries as critical contributors to the construction not only of a new history of architecture , but also, as was the case with nineteenth century Paris. New technologies in meat processing and the assembly line necessitated..."

(Read here the full article "Playback Forever" Published in Berkley's Room 1000)
"Poco antes del caso Watergate, en la sala de control del entonces recién terminado edificio de viviendas de Washington que dio nombre al escándalo, un guarda de seguridad disfrutaba frente a un monitor de video-vigilancia que mostraba el espectáculo de la erótica despedida diaria entre un político y su pareja. El muro de pantallas de televisión a cargo del guarda del edificio Watergate, suponía, en 1964 y según medios del momento, el primer despliegue de un basto entramado de vigilancia audiovisual en el ámbito doméstico..."

(Read here the full article "La sistematización del escándalo" Published in Babelia, El Pais)
"Banham will identify Sigfried Giedion’s Mechanization Takes Command (MTC) as the first historical account (1948) of these profane anonymous technologies in his article, “The Great Gizmo,” published in 1965. It could be argued that Banham’s “gizmos” have much in common with Giedion’s portrayed history of daily-life machines: both were constitutive of the North-American context, crucial in the construction of its landscape, reproducible (and intrinsically portable), and both had the potential to “reformulate” modern architecture..."

(Read here the full article "To the internet, your body" Published in Pidgin, Princeton University)


November 2018. Frame Magazine Features Common Accounts' print "Memorial Mode" and an interview to Common Accounts. (go to link)

June 2018. Urban Next features the article "Going Fluid" written for e-flux's Superhumanity Publication. (go to link)

October 2017. Metalocus Magazine features the construction of “Three Ordinary Funerals.” (go to link)

August 2017. Metalocus Magazine features the project “Three Ordinary Funerals.” (go to link)

April 2017. Format Magazine “Miles Gertler’s Sculptures of Palm Trees, Pill Boxes, and Pyramids.” (go to link)

October 2016. “Seven Shocking Sights at the Istanbul Design Biennial 2016” Published in Dezeen Magazine. (go to link)

October 2016. “Top 10 Design Stories at the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial" Published in World Architecture Community Magazine. (go to link)

October 2016. “Common Accounts Opens the Installation Going Fluid: The Cosmetic Protocols of Gangnam” Published in Metalocus Magazine. (go to link)

October 2016. “Istanbul’s Design Biennial is all About the Body” Daily Sabah Newspaper. (go to link)

October 2016. TRT World News Covers the Istanbul Design Biennial. (go to link)

September 2016. Archdaily reveals the list of Istanbul Design Biennial participants. (go to link)

September 2016. Overview of Going Fluid exhibition. (go to link)

June 2016. Groupchat lecture series features Common Accounts. (go to link)

Ferbruary 2016. Superarchitects online magazine features the work of common accounts. (go to link)

January 2016. metalocus magazine does a profile on common accounts at their online magazine. (go to link)

Nov 2015. Uncube magazine interviews and features The architecture of everyday death. (go to link)
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