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Don't Let Me Be Lonely
Lakeside House, Canada. 2021.

Currently Under Construction
Commissioned by: Private Client.

View of the construction site, November 2019.

Don’t Let Me Be Lonely is named for a feeling. Tucked away in the woods, this cabin is in fact companion to one built six years prior and provides sleeping for two to three guests kept warm by wood stove and bodyheat. The cabin’s form is directly informed by the slope on which it rests. All program is hosted on a stepped deck that approximates the topography below. The roof is a continuous plane that further reduces the building’s trajectory to a single surface.

The cabin is a shoe box cut in two, with the remaining halves offset and pivoted relative to one another such that they partially intersect, revealing window openings where the open box ends move past the other.

Two halves reconciled, one building neighbour to another.

View of the construction site, October 2019.

Interior view.

Structural scheme.

View of the construction site, November 2019.

Axonometric drawing of the house.

Construction section.

Floor plan.

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